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Draymond Green mocked Paul Pierce because he's 'chasing that farewell tour'

It didn’t take long for Pierce to clap back.

The best trash talkers in basketball go beyond any superficial comments and attack the soul. Kevin Garnett was one of the best to do this, which is why you hear stories of players outright hating him on the court. Draymond Green may not be at The Big Ticket’s level yet, but his comments directed at Paul Pierce on Thursday may get him there soon.

This was so early in the game that the Clippers led by 1-0. Still, that didn’t stop Draymond from trying to get into Pierce’s head. He shouted, “Chasing that farewell tour. They don’t love you like that,” at Pierce. Green then took it to the next step by bringing up Kobe Bryant, Pierce’s adversary when he was a member of the Boston Celtics. “You thought you was Kobe.”

Damn Draymond. That’s some next-level trash talking. Let a guy enjoy his last few games as a pro in peace.

UPDATE: Pierce decided to fire back: