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NASA transcripts confirm a hot dog is indeed a sandwich

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This settles it.

“Is a hot dog a sandwich?” It’s one of the internet’s greatest debates. Stalwarts of both sides have been arguing for years about whether tube meat in a bun is indeed a sandwich, but what we all failed to realize is that NASA settled this back in 1970 during the Apollo 13 mission.

This back-and-forth commentary from April of 1970 is being discussed on Reddit, but few are realizing the huge ramifications of a simple lunch in space. On a week NASA unveiled the discovery of seven earth-like planets, this might be the greatest revelation of all.

It should be mentioned that this conversation is absolutely, 100 percent real. It can be found on page 115 of a 930 page transcript held in NASA’s archives. It clearly, and in no uncertain terms, shows one of the crew telling ground control in Houston he enjoyed a “hot dog sandwich.”

We absolutely must accept this to be an objective reality. I personally never believed a hot dog to be a sandwich, but none of us can be so fastened to our beliefs that we refuse to budge when someone clearly more intelligent than us shatters our reality.

NASA astronauts are some of the smartest people on the face of the earth. They understand engineering, astrophysics — science the likes of which mortal humans rarely dabble. If they say a hot dog is a sandwich, then darn it a hot dog is a sandwich.

Those in the “not sandwich” camp will continue to cling to the 2015 ruling by the National Hot Dog and Sausage council that a hot dog is categorically NOT a sandwich, but trying to hold that argument up against a freaking astronaut is a fool’s folly.

There are moments in this life where we must all accept our reality has been torn asunder. This is one of those moments. Kudos to the believers in the “definitely a sandwich” camp, because you were right. The rest of us have been proven false prophets.

NASA, thank you for keeping this historical record, but you really could have saved the internet a lot of time by settling this years ago.