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Crystal Palace fans vandalize their own team’s bus by accident

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Here’s a lesson for soccer hooligans everywhere: If you’re going to stick it to your rivals and vandalize their bus, make sure it’s not your team’s bus. This is a critical mistake Crystal Palace fans made over the weekend.

Fans of South London side Crystal Palace decided they wanted to stick it to arch rivals Middlesbrough on Saturday morning. Finding the bus parked outside a hotel, they quickly set about spraypainting the side of the bus in Palace’s red and blue colors, writing “CRYSTAL PALACE FC” on the side. The only problem is that the bus belonged to their own team.

Damage is being assessed at a total of almost $50,000. Seems like a lot for some spray paint, but I’m no bus repair expert. Team officials confirmed that it was their bus that was damaged.

“The team bus was covered in graffiti with the words ‘Crystal Palace’ overnight on Friday ahead of the game on Saturday. Police have been informed,” a spokesman told the Sun Sport.

The vandalism came shortly before Crystal Palace’s critical 1-0 win over Middlesbrough, with each team fighting to avoid relegation. Obviously it’s an embarrassment to see vandalism backfire this badly, but on the plus side opposing teams will always know who they’re playing.