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Serena Williams crashed a tennis match and challenged these guys while on a late-night stroll

Two late night tennis players got the surprise of a lifetime on Sunday when a passerby watched their game and claimed “I got next.” That person happened to be Serena Williams.

Williams was out with her dog taking a stroll when she noticed the game and hatched a plan to surprise the pair. She waited for the point to finish and feared that the players recognized her, but they seemed genuinely stunned to see Serena courtside.

Serena casually asked who won, and the pair of players could only laugh at the situation they found themselves in. Here they were just having a simple pickup game, now one of the best players in history was challenging them.

Williams was not in the right gear to play tennis. Heck, she was wearing boots at the time — which is probably some sort of court violation, but who cares? It’s Serena-freaking-Williams. She ended with a message for all the tennis players out there.

“The moral of this story is: You never know when I could be coming to a tennis court near you!”

Yesss ... let this become a thing.