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Petco Park is completely flooded and the photos are wild

The San Diego Padres’ stadium is looking a little different.

A series of events in San Diego led to Petco Park being completely underwater late on Monday night. A storm in Southern California, paired with drainage that couldn’t keep up with the rain, turned the field into baseball’s best duck pond.

Normally drainage systems can handle this amount of water, but the situation was exacerbated by a lack of turf on the field. Grass had been removed to accommodate a monster truck event on Feb. 18, and crews were in the process of re-sodding the field when the rain poured down.

The change to the park was dramatic. Less than three hours before the outfield was completely flooded, the park looked relatively fine.

The field will eventually be fine, but for now: Let the birds have their fun. Every duck should have the opportunity to feel like they’re in the majors.