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Rusty Kuntz is getting his own bobblehead and Royals theme night

It’s happening!

It’s a big day for Royals fans. Rusty Kuntz bobblehead night is going to be a thing.

Fans on Twitter have been pushing to honor Kuntz with his own night, going so far as to start a petition to have the night in his honor. It’s a very well-done bobble head, too, with features like “realistically lush hair,” a permanent fist pound for “all day affirmation,” and it even speaks.

The ascension of Rusty Kuntz from baseball coach to cultural icon is almost entirely based around his name, which led to one of the best jersey sequences ever.

via Larry Brown Sports

The name also became the scourge of talk radio in Kansas City, and the target of prank callers everywhere.

Either way, Rusty Kuntz is being honored — and that is a beautiful thing.