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Marshawn Lynch and Conan O’Brien played video games again, joined by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

Clueless Gamer Super Bowl edition is back.

Three years ago, Conan O’Brien played video games with Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski before the Super Bowl. Little did we know it would become one of the most-anticipated events leading up to the Super Bowl.

Well, O’Brien is back for the third straight year. He brought Lynch and Gronk back with him, and this year, they are joined by several friends. Tom Brady spends some time playing with Conan. Eventually Dwight Freeney, LeGarrette Blount, Gronk and Lynch show up, too.

The episode starts out pretty strong, with Tom Brady exclaiming he doesn’t whip it out. He’s talking about his Super Bowl ring, get your head out of the gutter.

Really, the star of the show, as usual, is Lynch. No one makes an entrance quite like Marshawn, who arrived with a gold pimp cup and grabbed a seat right up front.

Marshawn went on to lose his highly anticipated rematch with Gronk, but got a participation trophy for his effort.

"Still receiving trophies, even when I'm retired."

Never, ever leave us, Marshawn.