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The Patriots celebrated their Super Bowl win with Guy Fieri for some reason

You could say they went to Flavor Town.

I’m scrolling through Twitter after Super Bowl 2017 when all of a sudden I had to stop and do a double take.


What is Guy Fieri doing at this Super Bowl? With the Patriots?!

Sure, there was a star-studded audience, with Mark Wahlberg, 2 Chainz, and others there, but they all have geographical ties to the teams they were supporting.

Guy Fieri .... does not?

He was born in Ohio and lives in California. He doesn’t even have a restaurant in Boston — though there is one in Connecticut.

Truly, I really thought Fieri would be a Raiders fan if anything. Apparently I was wrong.

His wife, Lori, is from Rhode Island, but it doesn’t look like she was in attendance. Perhaps that is the tenuous connection Fieri has to the Pats.

It looks like he really enjoyed himself at the game, too.

At times he was confused, but weren’t we all, during this historic game?