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Tom Brady filmed a commercial celebrating his 5th Super Bowl ring before he won it

And he took a shot at Roger Goodell in it!

Tom Brady is part of a lot of advertising campaigns. It’s not unusual to see him in a commercial for a wide variety of products and services. That even includes a commercial for Shields MRI that came out during the regular season and showed off his then four Super Bowl rings.

You might be thinking hat’s a fine commercial, too bad it’s already out of date now that Brady has a fifth Super Bowl ring. You would be right, oh and Brady already took care of that by filming an alternate version of the commercial that is out now.

Not only does Brady pull out a “kinda new” fifth Super Bowl ring in this version, BUT HE RESPONDS “ROGER THAT.”

Roger Goodell may have won DeflateGate, but Tom Brady still got the last laugh. And he got it with a Super Bowl ring and some shade in a commercial he had the balls to pre-film. Tom Brady really is the G.O.A.T.