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Eugenie Bouchard lost a Super Bowl bet and agreed to go on a date with a Twitter follower

World No. 44-ranked tennis player Eugenie Bouchard was confident the Atlanta Falcons were going to win the Super Bowl. Perhaps a little too confident. Midway through the game, a random fan on Twitter made a proposition.

It took just three minutes to get a response from the overly confident Bouchard.

All night she was pulling for the Falcons.

Then things began to turn. Suddenly a random reply to a stranger was becoming a possible grim reality, and kudos to the tennis player: She’d rather face the possibility of going on a blind date with someone who has Tiger Woods as their avatar than entertain backing out on the bet. People began asking if she was nervous.

Then the reality set in that the Patriots had won and she’d promised a date to someone.

Coping was difficult.

Regret was immediate.

Perhaps it was all a dream. Surely she didn’t agree to go on a date with someone on Twitter. It must have been a figment of her imagination — what a funny joke. Unfortunately on Monday morning, the grim reality remained.

On the infallible scale of cool, Bouchard has earned:

  • 20 points for accepting the bet.
  • 50 points for not ignoring the bet.
  • 15 points for tweeting through the regret.
  • 150,000 points for the Space Jam sweatshirt.

Good score, Eugenie. Good luck on the date.