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Barack Obama is having a blast kite surfing and living his best life

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Looks like Barry’s vacation is going swimmingly.

It’s been a long two weeks, two days, and a handful of hours since Barack Obama left office, and the former president certainly hasn’t wasted a second.

His latest vacation stop? The Caribbean, where he elected to learn how to kite surf.

It was rough waters at first.


But after some practice, he started to get his bearings.

(OK, this one looks like it hurt.)

Turns out our dearest Barry is not only good at singing, being funny, and dunking on others. He’s also so good at traversing water that he out-surfed his companion in a challenge by 50 meters!

While we’re all so happy Barry’s out here living his best life, watching this video is basically like seeing how much fun your ex is having without you.

Kiteboarding is a badass sport for adventurous weirdos