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Bill Belichick desperately tried to start a ‘no days off’ chant during the Patriots victory rally

People literally took the day off, Bill.

Starting a chant is difficult. Just ask Bill Belichick.

The Patriots coach took the mic during the team’s victory rally at Boston town hall and wanted to show how personable and non-robotic he is. His chosen motto: No days off, which is a phrase basically nobody likes.

On some level, we get that it’s about how he puts in ludicrously long hours to make the Patriots the best, but you’re asking a city of people who literally took a day off to not take days off.

The whole thing flopped, which the NFLPA is probably happy about:

The crowd did start a big “M-V-P!” chant, followed by “WE WANT SIX!” Sadly, Bill’s didn’t go so well.