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Nick Cannon, San Diego native, swapped his Chargers fandom for the Panthers

The Chargers’ move to Los Angeles still stings a bit for San Diego natives. It’s become especially tough for Nick Cannon, who can’t root for a team that no longer represents his hometown. But fear not, he’s got a new team: the Carolina Panthers. He revealed his defection to The Post Game’s Jeff Eisenband:

Cannon: “I’m a little hurt right now, ’cause my favorite NFL team used to be the San Diego Chargers.”

Eisenband: “Now you say ‘used to’ — you’re from San Diego, will you not be rooting for them in L.A.?”

C: “They’re not the San Diego Chargers anymore! So I can’t root for ’em. But you know what? I’m also from North Carolina, so I’mma rock with the Panthers all day.”

One team’s loss is another team’s gain, and the Panthers are happy to take him into the fandom.

It’s the beginning of a new, beautiful friendship.