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Lonzo Ball's little brother LaMelo dropped 92 points in single high school game

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Lonzo Ball’s younger brother, LaMelo, has already garnered national attention with his three-point skills.

But Tuesday night he turned heads again, this time for scoring a whopping 92 points in a single game for Chino Hills.

9-2. But also, look how high this game’s score was.

We can barely believe it, either.

It gets crazier. According to a report on Twitter, LaMelo only had 29 points at halftime.

"It was very exciting, almost overwhelming," Coach Stephan Gilling said of watching Ball's performance, as reported in the LA Times.

LaMelo and LiAngelo, the younger two Ball brothers, are both committed to UCLA, like their older brother. LiAngelo is out with an injured ankle right now, which gave LaMelo the spotlight.