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This UCLA cheerleader fell twice in the unluckiest timeout ever

Someone please get this girl some ice.

Some things went awry for UCLA students Thursday night, aside from the monster dunk by Oregon’s Dillon Brooks.

During a timeout in which UCLA was down, 59-45, a cheerleader had a mishap.

She landed directly on her tailbone. I had to check to see if I was OK after just watching this.

Someone was kind enough to help her off the court, but then, disaster struck this girl again.

The medic fell on what looks to be a seat cushion, hitting the girl’s head on the floor again, and also falling with his full weight on her.

This is just really painful to watch. Luckily, the ESPN broadcast said she got up and walked off the court on her own afterward.

As Bill Walton said so eloquently, "Say a prayer, light a candle for that young angel of UCLA."

But this had to happen. After this timeout, UCLA went on a 30-11 run. Perhaps this girl appeased the basketball gods to have mercy on the team after things went south for her.