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Hockey game sets world record after taking over 8 hours to finish

Local police received calls from citizens afraid their loved ones in attendance were missing.

A playoff hockey game in Norway is now the longest in the history of the sport. Storhamar finally defeated the Sparta Warriors 2-1, but only after eight overtimes and a total of 217 minutes of play.

Fans in attendance watched for over eight-and-a-half hours as the sides tried to reach the conclusion. It got so bad that local police began getting missing person calls from people afraid their loved ones had vanished, when in reality they were still watching the game.

When it was over, the players were a little delirious and did their best to answer questions coherently:

Over 5,500 fans were in attendance at the start of the game, but by the end, that number dwindled to just over 1,000. Die-hard sports fans or not, who’s to blame them? The game didn’t end until almost 3 a.m. on a Monday morning. That’s a rough turnaround for work.

Thankfully, all the players will get a nice long rest before returning to the ice. Oh, no, wait — there are still two more games in the playoff series and they’re playing Tuesday night.