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Nearly naked luchador plays air guitar at Cubs spring training

Tim Buss is at it again ...

Let’s check in on how the day is going for the Cubs.

Yes, that’s conditioning coach Tim Buss, who has a habit of making spring training as weird as humanly possible. A few weeks ago he dressed up like a Juggalo lawyer, last year he was a mime, and the players got back at him by tying him to a chair and something about scorpions — we’re not really sure.

  • This new look is what happens when your dad goes on a bender after staying up all night playing Guitar Hero.
  • It’s what you wear to the county pool if you’ve been banned from the county pool for peeing in it too many times.
  • The costume is for the man who wants a tan, but to keep his head, junk, and ankles as white as snow.
  • When you’ve been invited to a key party and a Wrestlemania watch party on the same night and want to pack one outfit.

The beautiful part of this image is that none of the Cubs players care at all. Buss is desperately trying to get their attention with his supple body and smooth riffs and they’re like “Nah, got these stretches to do, son.”

Keep being weird forever, Cubs.