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Twerking security guard gets into dance-off with giant viking mascot

The mascot for Lithuanian basketball team BC Zalgiris got more than it bargained for when it challenged a security guard to an impromptu dance-off.

This security guard has serious moves. He starts a little timidly, then tears the whole place down. Really solid twerk face, too.

Staged or not, this is still wonderful. Sure this could be a professional dancer posing as a security guard, but stop hating on fun because the world should be able to appreciate a twerking security guard.

Now that we’re done extolling the virtues of this dope security guard, I want to discuss this team’s mascot. This is a very good mascot. It’s a viking the same way vikings look in the Asterix series and it has range. Sometimes it wears a horned helmet, on others it’s a pirate-like beanie from this video. On Christmas it became Santa.

Good mascot. Good security guard. Good video.