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The LA Galaxy and Portland Timbers are trading kicks via Twitter

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This is the best beef we’ve seen all week.

There’s nothing better than a good Twitter fight. It’s even better when the fight is between two brands. It’s best when the brands are professional sports teams.

And the response:

Although the Timbers won the match, they still wanted to make sure they got the last word.

However, it’s hard to say if they’re going to get the last laugh, since they have yet to share an actual video. Besides, how are they going to beat the Galaxy’s fine piece of art trolling Portland’s Diego Chará as he tripped?

He’s dancing through pollen. (I think it’s pollen particles. It could also be like an Osmosis Jones germ scenario though.)

There are even Star Wars references.

My personal favorite, though, is turning him into a cast member of Footloose.


Let’s see what the Timbers come up with in return.