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Manny Ramirez's new contract in Japan includes 'unlimited sushi'

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Manny Ramirez is smarter than all of us. The former Red Sox slugger signed a new contract to play in Japan’s independent league and his list of demands includes the best contract incentive ever.

Ramirez is getting his own personal car, which seems standard. He doesn’t need to practice if he doesn’t feel like it — which is a great move. On road trips he’ll always have his own suite, which is expected. It’s the last one though ...

  • Unlimited sushi all year long.

There it is! The best contract demand of all time. Manny is picking objectively the best food in the world and getting to gorge himself on it for an entire season. This is such a pro move and ... oh God, he’s going to die of mercury poison, isn’t he?

In any event, unlimited sushi is something every athlete should aspire towards. The Boston Globe translated the contract and there’s no specification where Manny can get sushi from — just “unlimited sushi.” He’ll be playing for the Kochi Island Fighting Dogs, so it feels necessary to tell Manny (just in case he’s reading) about where he needs to leverage his contract clause the best.

The answer, according to Trip Advisor, is Orankuya Main Store. It’s rated as the best dedicated sushi restaurant in the city, and there’s a giant statue of a puffer fish molded into the wall outside.

via Trip Advisor

The restaurant has no website, but it’s rated as “$$-$$$” on Trip Advisor, meaning Manny could easily max out his sushi tab and get the most out of his clause.