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Klay Thompson was so confused when someone asked him to sign a toaster

Is this the first time Klay Thompson's seen a toaster?

Klay Thompson is often asked to sign a lot of things. Sometimes they’re odd things.

A fan took a Warriors toaster to an autograph signing and posted about the experience on the Klay Thompson subreddit. The toaster, which also has the signatures of Draymond Green and David Lee, is a novelty sold on Amazon.

It will toast a team logo into the bread, a factoid I’m only mentioning to you because I wanted to learn more about this toaster. Also customers are a little upset that the toast is of poor quality and, while they admire how well the team logo is printed on the bread, they’re upset that the logo itself is burnt while the rest of the toast is raw.

Sorry for the aside. Let’s just admire Klay staring wistfully at a toaster.

Nobody has ever stared this intensely at a toaster in the recorded history of human existence. The toaster owner outlined his interaction with Klay:

He was definitely interested in it lol. I asked him if he's ever signed a toaster before and he said nah. He noticed Draymond's signature and I pointed out David Lee's on there.

"Whoa DLee? That's a throwback."

Today we also learned that something that happened in 2015 is a “throwback” to Klay. Good to know.