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If Northern Kentucky beats Kentucky, NKU students are getting free steak

It could cost one restaurant owner more than $1 million

In a battle for the state during the first round of the NCAA tournament, No. 2 Kentucky and No. 15 Northern Kentucky will battle it out.

If the Norse beat the Wildcats, Jeff Ruby has offered to buy every single undergraduate student at NKU a steak. For some frame of reference here, that’s about 15,000 students.

Ruby’s offer is redeemable at any one of his restaurants, and he estimates if everyone cashes in, the cost could exceed $1 million, according to Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT5.

Ruby owns a chain of steakhouses in the greater Cincinnati area, including spots in Louisville and Nashville.

Best of luck to NKU on Friday night, in their first NCAA tournament since gaining Division I eligibility.

Best of luck to their students as well. There’s bragging rights and steak at stake.