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Check out this absurdly large sandwich on Mike Tyson's Instagram

There is no need for it to be this large.

Mike Tyson posted this seemingly innocuous Instagram Tuesday of himself hanging out with YouTube star, Anwar Jibawi.

Video games with @anwar. Thanks for the invite.

A post shared by Mike Tyson (@miketyson) on

Nothing to see here, just guys being dudes, playing video games.

Except, what the actual hell is that?

Just look at this monstrosity. What’s even in it? We had some thoughts.

“A whole pack of Kraft American singles” — Molly Podlesny

“He needs a bigger plate.” — Harry Lyles Jr.

“This appears to be a high quality sandwich, but then you look, and he’s eating it on plain white Wonder Bread. Why’d he dis the insides of this creation like that?” — Molly Podlesny

“I am on board with Mike Tyson bringing short shorts back.” — Harry Lyles Jr.

“This looks like the minimalist version of all those Epic Meal Time concoctions they YouTube gang makes. I’m almost mad at the sandwich. Not because that’s an alarmingly large amount of cheese (still doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s delicious) but that this thing isn’t toasted. This sandwich would look even more impressive as a grilled cheese. But I get it. That would probably be messy.” — Hector Diaz

“I really thought this was a bunch of cheese, but you know how when you stare at something for a really long time, you start to question everything you ever thought about it? Yeah, that. Now i think it’s a bunch of potato chips.” — Molly Podlesny

“That bottom piece of bread has to be squished and can’t sustain the contents of the sandwich.” — Harry Lyles Jr.

“The presentation is just awful. If the photo were of the sandwich alone, it would not be getting *checks phone* 21,500 likes.” — Molly Podlesny

“I need an after photo because based on the previous times I’ve seen people eat that much cheese, they may have gone blind.” — Hector Diaz

“It needs more cheese.” — Harry Lyles Jr.