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James Corden used some very unconventional methods to pick his March Madness bracket

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James Corden decided not to jump in the car for some karaoke and instead put his sports skills to the test by filling out his March Madness bracket. He had a lot of questions about basketball.

“Why are there three Floridas?”

“Kansas, they have a player named Josh Jackson right? That’s Pacey from Dawson’s Creek.”

Corden needed the help from over-sized dice, a coin, a “Magic Eight Ball” that refused to work, and a Ouija board — but finally his bracket was set.

UCLA over Duke in the national championship game and largely because of two reasons:

  1. The Bruins are Corden’s home team since he lives in Los Angeles.
  2. Lonzo Ball has “ball” in his name, which Corden says means he’s good at what he does.

If this bracket works, then the logic will be foolproof.