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Seattle Mariners are looking for the bat flip successor

Here are their top contenders.

The Mariners have taken it upon themselves to deem the bat flip over and done with, and have given us some other suggestions.

Some are better than others, so we’ve ranked them.

From worst to best:

The Lullaby

Lame. This one required almost no effort. Also, you end up carrying the bat with you as you round the bases.

The Grandpa

Bad for the same reasons. Also, I see this as a jinx. Baseball players should not be thinking about getting old; they need to think young thoughts so they can remain youthful and play for forever.

The Swashbuckler

Points back for creativity for this one. Also, the fierce pirate moves could intimidate the other team.

The Jockey

Yes! Pick up the speed on this one! Way to really move off home plate.

The Drum Major

I just like how this one looks. It’s very amusing.

The Mic Drop

Just classic. Of course, it probably works best after a home run.