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Hungarian hockey analyst breaks down play with giant NSFW drawing

Do you need more hard-hitting hockey analysis in your life? Hungary’s got you covered. Let’s see how this clip was broken down:

This makes sense. The defender is skating around the blind side to try and take away an outlet pass. Got it.

Yes, but the second skater is going to meet him in front of the net. This could be a problem.

OK...not really sure what that line is for. I don’t mean to be blue, but you know, this is starting to look an awful lot like a penis:

Sure. All right. Not sure how this is about sports anymore, but we’ll take your word for it. Here’s how everything played out in real time:

The clip comes from “Trash Talk,” a Hungarian roundtable discussion show about American sports that airs on the Sports 1 network. On March 4, the Jets beat the Avalanche 6-1, and the game needed some expert analysis.

It’s hard to believe this happened, but it did — so really there are only three possible explanations:

  1. This was intended to be extremely serious, which makes it amazing.
  2. The analyst did a next-level troll job on his co-hosts, which is almost even better.
  3. This was a planned joke all along, which would be disappointing.

Either way, we’re going to be watching more Hungarian hockey coverage.