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Soccer player accidentally shouts out his wife and girlfriend in the same interview

On Friday, Free State Stars footballer Mohammed Anas was awarded “Man of the Match” after a 2-2 draw with Ajax Cape Town. He was obviously thrilled, saying “I always wished to win one of these, and I got it.” He went on to thank a few people including his fans, then mentioned his wife (naturally) and girlfriend (wait a minute) in the same breath.

“I appreciate my fans also. My wife and my girlfriend — uh, I mean my wife — yeah, sorry to say. [laughs nervously] I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, my wife ... I love you so much. I love so much from my heart. So, let’s keep on supporting me.”

Clearly, once his tongue slipped, he had trouble putting together coherent sentences, trying to save face, apologizing profusely to his wife, and getting the interview over with.

So congrats, Mohammed, on winning the award — and, uh, good luck with everything at home?