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Bullfighter requires full rectal reconstruction after being gored

A bullfighter in Mexico needed extensive reconstructive surgery after a bull gored him in the anus over the weekend.

Antonio Romero was fighting a bull named “Caporal” in Plaza Mexico when he was knocked down and gored by the animal before it charged him on the ground and gored him again — this time the horn struck Romero in the anus. If you want to see an unedited photo you can here, but you’ve been warned.

Extensive surgery was required and the details are not for the faint of heart. Dr. Rafael Vázquez Bayod spoke with Univision about what he needed to do.

"The goring is very serious, very serious, a very, very severe injury in the anorectal region. It was a very powerful horn that completely destroyed the anal sphincter and seriously damaged the rectum."

Think that’s the worst thing you’ll read today? It gets worse. The doctor had to determine the extent of the injury. It was at this time they realized just how damaging the goring was. They learned on examination that 11.8 inches of the man’s rectum was damaged and it would need more serious surgery than first expected.

What followed were plans to fully reconstruct the bullfighter’s anus and rectum, which happened on Monday. There have been no further updates, but hopefully everything went well.