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The NFL is making a video to teach players how to celebrate. What will that look like?

The NFL is developing a new video with a rather unique goal in mind.

We won’t know the contents until the video is released, but based on Antonio Brown’s thrusting penalties from 2016, we have a pretty good idea where this is going. If you’re an NFL player who can’t wait for the video, we have a few helpful guidelines with easy-to-follow visuals that can help you.

Congratulating a teammate on a touchdown: GOOD CELEBRATION.

Having simulated sex with a football in the end zone: BAD CELEBRATION.

Pointing to the sky: GOOD CELEBRATION.

Pointing out an opponent’s flaws: BAD CELEBRATION

Handing the touchdown ball to a small child: GOOD CELEBRATION.

Sacrificing a goat at midfield to please Artemis, pagan god of the hunt: BAD CELEBRATION.

Taking the ball to the sideline to keep as a memento: GOOD CELEBRATION.

Punting the ball into an octogenarian’s face: BAD CELEBRATION.

Just follow these simple rules and you’ll avoid problems in no time!