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Weird things happen when you try to Google NBA players' wingspans

The internet is amazing at telling us all sorts of useful (and useless) information. However, there’s one thing that is utterly stumping Google: The wingspans of NBA players.

Here’s what happens if you type “LeBron James wingspan” into google.

Seven hundred and two feet — accompanied by a photo of James playing a violin. What’s happening here is Google is populating the results from and misplacing a decimal. In reality LeBron’s wingspan is 7’0.25, but that’s just being run together.

The world’s largest violin is 14 feet long. This means LeBron (according to Google) could easily play 50 of the world’s largest violins stacked end to end because of his wingspan, which is 3.5 times that of a Boeing 747.

Perhaps this is just a LeBron problem. Let’s check in on Russell Westbrook.


The look on Russ’ face is that of a dude who knows he has a wingspan of 666’. Photo is on-brand, I can dig it.

This really works for any NBA player, and if you use an Android phone or Google app you can have the wingspan read to you. This doesn’t work on Apple devices, however, not because Siri is somehow smarter — but because she searches Bing for results and you wind up with nothing.