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Did this Nolan Ryan fan have any idea Nolan Ryan was sitting next to him?

A fan wearing a Nolan Ryan jersey at a Corpus Christi Hooks game on Wednesday is going to get one heck of a shock when he realizes who was sitting next to him.

The fan apparently didn’t turn or say anything to the baseball great, which means one of three things:

  1. He was totally oblivious.
  2. He’s the most chill fan in the world.
  3. Reporters at the game were wrong and this man is friends with Ryan, which makes him wearing a Nolan Ryan jersey awesome and totally sweet.

Either way, people seem convinced he was just unaware of who was sitting next to him.

Ryan is a special assistant to the Astros and this could mean we have the saddest missed connections story in sports.

You were actually Nolan Ryan. I was wearing the Nolan Ryan jersey sitting next to you on Wednesday at the Hooks game. I felt we had no connection and I didn’t know you were even there, but I’d love to buy you a beer sometime.

Hopefully these two reconnect somehow.

h/t Sports Illustrated