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Jake Arrieta hit a 465-foot home run during Cubs spring training

It was so outta there.

Jake Arrieta is a god. Just watch this.

465 feet. Wow.

The Cubs were playing the Diamondbacks during spring training Thursday when Arrieta hit this beautiful homer at the top of the third.

It was almost as beautiful of this photo of Arrieta kissing this dog. Good dog.

The best part is, that was only the first one! (Hit, not dog kiss. I have no idea how many dogs Jake has kissed.)

In the sixth inning, he hit a groundout, which brought Willson Contreras home to increase the Cubs’ lead to 3-2.

Sure it’s only spring training right now, but spring can certainly be a lot of fun, especially if this is the sort of thing we have to look forward to during the season.