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We need to talk about Adam Schefter's bizarre, abandoned Instagram account

This is deeply disturbing.

Adam Schefter is one of Earth’s most talented sports reporters. He recently showed us that he isn’t just really good at reporting football news, he can also break basketball news!

What can’t this man do?

I know! ...


It’s no wonder Schefter has just 76.2 thousand Instagram followers compared to six million on Twitter. He is really talented at one of those things.

Adam, fam, we gotta talk. Twitter is for tweets, Snapchat is for snaps, and Instagram is for memes and dogs.

He had the right idea three years ago:

Waiting for the bus this morning....

A post shared by Adam Schefter (@adamschefter) on

It's a dog's life - my dogs' lives....

A post shared by Adam Schefter (@adamschefter) on

A post shared by Adam Schefter (@adamschefter) on

But then a firestorm of ‘Grammed Tweets rolled in. They were capped off by an Uggs ad with Tom Brady Uggs until Schefter began his 27-week Insta absence, which he hasn’t since returned from.

This just in, Tom Brady & @thejeffbridges #DoNothing for @uggformen #ad

A post shared by Adam Schefter (@adamschefter) on

When he returns, all we ask is for no more Twitter screenshots on our beloved Gram. It is our safe space to hide from the monsters on and show our pets and how much we party and how much you weren’t invited.

I hope you take this advice, Adam, and become one of us.