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Fans are overwhelmingly voting for San Diego's MLS team to be called 'Footy McFooty Face'

San Diego is in the midst of making a bid for MLS expansion, and behind the scenes the possible team is trying to come up with a name. Now in its final round, a Facebook vote is on the official page “SoccerCity SD” to name the team — and it isn’t even close.

The name, is an homage to “Boaty McBoatface,” a name-turned-meme that won a British vote to name a new polar research ship. The British government ended up ignoring the fan vote because of the silly name, so that possibility remains with San Diego’s MLS team too — otherwise we’re going to have the San Diego Footy McFooty Faces.

We need to chat about these other names though in case they become a backup, because they’re awful.

San Diego Surf: TRASH

We get it, you have water — a lot of places do. This sounds like a promotion for a laundry detergent or the name of a mathlympics team.

San Diego Bad Hombres: TRASH -- DOUBLE TRASH

Not only does it reference something super lame, but it’s topical. A team name needs to last and some overwrought political joke sucks.

Mission San Diego FC: Good, with tweaks

This is one of those that’s cramming too many elements. Just be “Mission San Diego” (which is awesome) or “San Diego FC” (which is slightly less awesome.)

San Diego Football Club (SDFC): More boring than an episode of House Hunters where the pretentious couple gets everything they want.

No. This is too plain.

San Diego Sol: Hidden gem

This is a good-ass name.


How does this only have two votes! For the uninitiated, Ballast Point brewery, based in San Diego makes a series of incredible IPAs called “Sculpin.” There’s grapefruit sculpin, mango sculpin -- and they’re all amazing.

Not only does this honor a local business, but it’s a fish to keep with that nautical idea. Do it!