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Cleveland Indians GM's son might have leaked a signing secret on the radio

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MLB: Spring Training-Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Fact No. 1: Having kids on a broadcast makes said broadcast a thousand times better.

Fact No. 2: Sometimes you will never know what they’re going to say.

Such was the case during spring training on Saturday when the Indians took on the White Sox. During the ninth inning, radio broadcaster Tom Hamilton invited Brody Chernoff, the son of Indians GM Mike Chernoff, on the broadcast. It was supposed to be an innocuous one-on-one talk with the GM’s kid — you know, talking about life, future careers, and last year’s World Series.

At one point, Hamilton decided to joke around and ask him about deals his dad’s trying to make. Apparently, young Brody did not detect the humor in that question, which led to him spilling some secrets. It happens at around 3:37 in this audio excerpt:

Hamilton: “Let me ask you, just between us and all the people listening — Dad had any phone calls lately? Who’s he trying to get? ‘Cause he won’t tell us. Can you?”

Brody: “He’s trying to, um, get [Francisco] Lindor to play for seven more years.“

Hamilton sputtered and laughed as he called the next play, then said, “We better not talk anymore, Brody!”

Whoops! So now you know about the Lindor situation — not that it’s a bad thing, because Cleveland would surely love to have him play there for his whole career. The deal may or may not be true, but if it is, at least you know where you heard it first. Thanks, Brody.

(via TribeVibe/MLBlogs)