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This bar video showing the final seconds of Kentucky-UNC is heartbreaking and hilarious

The 10 seconds at the end of Kentucky vs. North Carolina was the best ending to the best game of the NCAA tournament so far. Seeing it unfold from Kentucky’s point of view is an almost singular joy that spans the full range of sports emotions.

There is so much going on in this 28-second video it’s easy to miss all the levels.

This guy in the John Wall jersey flipping off the screen.

He quickly changes it into a “fingers pointed to the sky,” probably because possession changed back to Kentucky and he realized he was giving his team the finger.

Happy Kentucky fans, including this dude getting violently shaken.

The excitement, the jubilation, the reaction. It’s all so perfect. Note how the woman in the gray Kentucky shirt does from heart-wrenching nervousness to attacking the man next to her in a split-second. Excellent reaction time.

Everyone is nervous, except for one man.

The Kentucky fans are stone-faced balls of nervousness when North Carolina have possession, except for the guy in the John Wall jersey. He’s still bouncing up and down as he’s been for basically this whole video. When you’re the only guy excited in a sea of anxiety you should probably realize something back might happen.

This is the exact moment his heart split in two.

It’s impressive just how quickly John Wall guy goes from triumph to utter despair.

The aftermath, aka “Count the surrender cobras.”

The end.

Kudos to Lee K. Howard of CBS/Fox in Lexington because this is some grade A camera work. Pan the bar for heartbreak, slowly move the camera down, zoom in on the despair. There’s an Arrested Development vibe to this where it almost feels like a documentary.

In 10 seconds, an entire bar full of Kentucky fans got to experience the full range of human emotions. Sure their team lost, but there aren’t many of us who can say they’ve felt this many feelings in such a short amount of time.