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Video evidence shows LaVar Ball is worse at basketball than you could ever imagine

Lonzo Ball must have gotten his basketball genes from his mother.

Famous dad LaVar Ball has been telling anyone who’ll listen that he would beat Michael Jordan in a game of 1-on-1. Men lie, women lie, ball don’t — well, now that we have video of LaVar playing, we can safely say that this Ball did lie.

Wearing No. 8 on the red team in the video, Ball looks hopelessly out of his depth in a rec league game. Michael Jordan had the flu game, The Shot, the free throw dunk — LaVar Ball has ...

The Paint.

The Oop.

The Defense.

  • LaVar Ball playing basketball is like watching an And1 mixtape that was sponsored by Home Depot.
  • Watching LaVar play is like a scene in a movie where an undercover cop pretends to be good at basketball to infiltrate a street racing ring.
  • Maybe LaVar was saying he could beat Michael B. Jordan in 1-on-1?
  • These are all “before” clips in a Gatorade ad from the early 90s.
  • Actually think LeVar Burton could ball better than this.

Now we wait to see how LaVar responds to this video.

(h/t Dime Magazine)