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Tim Duncan was addicted to 'World of Warcraft' and named his daughter after 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Tim Duncan is a giant nerd and it makes us love him even more

Tim Duncan is a massive, unapologetic nerd — and just when you thought it was impossible to like him more, we learned some incredible things about his personal life. Duncan appeared on the “Road Trippin’” podcast to share some stories with hosts Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye, and Allie Clifton. These included his love of World of Warcraft and naming his daughter after a superhero.

Frye reveals at the 6:20 mark that he and Duncan used to play in the same World of Warcraft guild. They would stay up until 3 or 4 a.m. playing, which they called a “life-killer.” Frye revealed his character was named “Dookiedrawls” amid laughter — and here he is!

Frye says he played a Tauren hunter, but there is no character that matches that description with a name close to “Dookiedrawls” so we’re going to assume he was confused with an alt he had. “Dookiedrawls” is a level 88 Orc Enhancement Shaman, it appears Frye stopped playing in late 2015 before hitting max level (which was 100 at the time). We don’t know the name of Duncan’s character, and their guild has since dissolved — making it very difficult to try and find out more about Duncan’s character, but I’m going to take a guess he was a Tauren Protection Paladin.

The gang also poked fun at Andrei Kirilenko’s addiction to the game. He had multiple max-level characters according to Frye, which he says “Could have been sold for $100,000 each,” though this seems impossible. Frye told a story about being up at 3 a.m. the night before a game he was going to get a “DNP” and playing WoW, before seeing Andrei Kirilenko’s character run across his screen. Frye sent him a message saying to Kirilenko “Aren’t you playing tomorrow?” and getting the response “Yeah, probably.”

We also learned that the entire 2004 Olympic team spent their time playing Call of Duty on an Xbox that Richard Jefferson brought to Athens.

Duncan, who wore a shirt with the Joker on it, revealed his deep love of comic books when it came to his personal life. He revealed that his newborn daughter is named “Quill,” after Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The entire podcast is worth a listen because it’s absolutely hilarious and shows us a side of Tim Duncan we never saw while he was playing in the NBA.