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The Raiders are trying to pretend social media is excited about their move to Las Vegas

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The Oakland Raiders are trying to convince people that everyone is super excited about their move to Las Vegas.

The article, on features cherry-picked tweets from the verified accounts of players, media, and a single fan (who doesn’t live in Oakland). This is not how “social media has reacted” since the Raiders’ relocation announcement.

THIS is how social media has reacted.

This is just a small sampling. To be fair, there are some fans saying they’ll support the team no matter what — mostly from Raiders fans outside of Oakland. Those in the area are overwhelmingly upset and disappointed.

Teams move, it’s a sad part of professional sports, especially when stadium financing has been inexorably linked to tax money from cities. That said, the Raiders are trying to spin a difficult situation and make it seem like everyone is happy when they clearly aren’t.