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Chipper Jones' memoir includes the story of Greg Maddux peeing on him

It wouldn’t be complete without it!

Chipper Jones, former Atlanta Braves starting third baseman and baseball hero, has just released a memoir, as old stars often do. And oh, boy! Looks like some fun was had back in those locker rooms!

Nothing to see here! Just a harmless urine prank!

Who among us hasn’t tricked a friend into standing close to him in the shower then doused him with No. 1?

Maybe not that many of us. However, Greg Maddux was a renowned prankster.

According to an old ESPN article, he was actually an expert at peeing on rookies without them noticing. He did this while with the Padres as well as the Braves. When he was with the Cubs, he would also pee in the hot tub! Classic joke! Nothing like some warm urine to really soothe your muscles after a hard game.

Right? Too far? I’ll stop.

Apparently Maddux also targeted Jones with other bodily fluids. One story has Jones wanting to keep a home run ball as a keepsake, and before giving it to him, Maddux hawked a loogie all over it. I’m not sure what that partially cutoff passage in the photo up there refers to, but I have to hope it was that incident. Otherwise, it looks like Ol’ Chipper dealt with a lot of snot.