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Cristiano Ronaldo's bronze bust is so bad the internet is losing it

Cristiano Ronaldo is getting an airport named after him in his native Madeira Islands, and to commemorate the ceremony, a bust was unveiled of the Real Madrid star.


Normally we see art enhance the subject’s good features and diminish the bad ones. It’s why most portraits make people look beautiful despite their shortcomings. This bronze bust is so awful it looks like a bizarro evil Cristiano posed and then the sculptor fell on the cooling bronze and bent down the left side of the face.

It seriously looks like he’s melting.

The statue is so scary it looks like it’s about to become sentient and murder everyone around it, regardless of the angle the photo was taken at.

Ceremony at Madeira Airport to rename it Cristiano Ronaldo Airport Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

Of course, everyone is reacting to just how bad this thing is.

The statue is so bad that computers can’t even recognize what they’re looking at.

Yes, something went very wrong. If you want to check out the new bust of Ronaldo then head on down to the Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo in the Madeira Islands.