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Why is Bill Belichick wearing Johns Hopkins lacrosse gear all the time?

Bill Belichick has a not-so-hidden love for Johns Hopkins, and he showed that off again at the combine Friday morning:

The Patriots coach walked to the field in Indianapolis wearing a Johns Hopkins polo shirt — a stark departure from his normal attire. Perhaps you think it’s a little weird he’d be wearing this, but Belichick’s passion for the Baltimore university is deep, particularly for its lacrosse team.

Back in 2011, there was an in-depth article on the connection between Belichick and lacrosse coach Dave Pietramala. The two developed a connection and became fast friends. Belichick admired him for being a “normal guy,” and their relationship was closer than just two coaches who respected each other. Then Pietramala joined the Patriots on the sideline the following season:

Fast-forward two years, and Belichick is repping Johns Hopkins at the combine again:

Then Belichick had the lacrosse film room named after him:

If you think this is a one-sided relationship where Belichick just reps Johns Hopkins, then think again. Not once, but twice Johns Hopkins has used the “hidden ball trick” to beat opponents this season. That kind of shrewd trickery is a Belichick move if there ever was one. It’s absorbing him by osmosis.