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Rockies and Padres hit the deck because bees invaded their spring training game

It caused quite a buzz.

Someone just dropping into the Rockies vs. Padres spring training game might be very confused at first. Why is everyone on the ground?

No, baseball is not becoming a ground sport. There was a bit of an infestation at the field.

Not sure this will exactly help prevent anyone from being stung, but it seems the game was able to continue.

Rockies manager Bud Black said in an interview there was a time during a regular season Padres game in which bees struck again, and gameplay was stopped for about 20 minutes. In a spring training game, however, the clock just ran.

Clearly, the bees, who are dying at an alarming rate globally, decided that being talked about in the general sense on Twitter was not enough, and that they needed to make an appearance to remind us of their importance. You go, bees.