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John Ross didn't want an island because he 'can't swim that well'

He could’ve won an island from Adidas. He wore Nike for his record-breaking 40 instead.

1. John Ross broke Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record at the 2017 NFL Combine. Johnson ran a 4.24 back in 2008, and on Saturday, Ross topped that with a 4.22. That 4.22 run would be the only test Ross would do, as his leg cramped at the end. Still, he’s the new record holder, which is great and will definitely give him a higher profile come draft time.

2. A few days prior to the NFL Combine, Adidas promoted a contest where combine participants had a chance to win a private island via the 40-yard dash. All they had to do was beat Chris Johnson’s time, while wearing Adidas cleats -- and signing an endorsement deal with Adidas if they broke the record. It was likely never going to happen, because Adidas could just switch out the island for $1 million (island maintenance is expensive!), but at least the contest gave fans something to talk about.

Also, it looked like some prospects entertained the idea of the contest.

3. John Ross beat Chris Johnson’s record, but did not win an island, because he ran his 40 while wearing Nike cleats. When asked why he didn’t wear Adidas, here’s how Ross responded:

“I really can’t swim that well. And I don’t have a boat. So, you know, I had to run in the Nikes.”

Fair enough.

4. Nike totally took advantage of the 40-yard dash news, first by reportedly signing an endorsement deal with John Ross ...

... and then subtweeting Adidas and promoting the record-breaking cleats Ross wore.

Congrats to John Ross for breaking the record, and congrats to brands, the real winners. (in a singing voice) Wherever #sports are, the #brands will #always be at #it.