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Arizona State fan eats and slathers mayonnaise all over his chest to distract FT shooter

So weird! So gross!

Arizona State’s student section is notorious for coming up with the most elaborate and wild ways to distract opposing free throw shooters during basketball games. They’ve graced the world with unicorns who were making out. They’ve even brought in Charlie from Always Sunny. And after all that, Saturday might have been the weirdest distraction attempt of all.

Yeah, that is a Kenny G-looking dude eating mayonnaise and rubbing it all over his body. DISGUSTING! And ineffective, as Arizona made both of the free throws here.

Arizona State’s earlier attempt at distracting Arizona involved a caveman in a unitard.

This was just as weird as Mayo Man but not nearly as gross. This time around, however, Arizona missed a free throw.

Was the miss a result of the caveman in a unitard? It’s impossible to tell. One thing we do know is that you’ve got to have ice running through your veins to not be distracted by what could pop out from behind the curtain.