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Mariners players hire personal mariachi band to follow Leonys Martin all day on his birthday

It’s Leonys Martin’s birthday and his Mariners teammates had a special surprise for him. They hired a mariachi band to follow him around all day long at spring training. They followed him into the team’s facilities.

They stood by the field and played for him while the team ran sprints.

They followed Martin onto the field and stood by the fence to play for him while he was in the outfield.

Naturally they serenaded him off the field as well.

The proceedings were so fun that third baseman Kyle Seager wanted to ensure the fun didn’t stop.

Martin was a great sport about it all and wanted to make sure the band was taken care of while the sun was beating down.

It sucks to have to work on your birthday, but a mariachi band makes everything a little easier. Why wait for the party when the party can be brought to you?