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Markieff Morris ejected for kicking Mason Plumlee right in the crotch

That one hurt.

The Wizards were taking on the Nuggets in Denver on Wednesday night, and we saw a kick to the groin by Markieff Morris that reminded us of a Draymond Green leg kick. Particularly the one on Steven Adams in last year’s Western Conference Finals.

Morris lost the ball as he was being guarded by Mason Plumlee, and kicked him square in the crotch.

Let me tell you, getting kicked there isn’t great, and Morris had on blue foamposites. Those are a pretty solid sneaker, and that certainly didn’t help Plumlee’s region at all. Morris received a flagrant 2 for the kick, and was ejected from the game.

If Morris wanted to show off his shoe game, he has succeeded in his endeavor.

Hopefully Plumlee isn’t hurting too bad.