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Hero kid farts on a weatherman and we have some thoughts about it

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We are so proud.

The weather community was rocked yesterday by this precocious lad who blasted into a forecast from Jackson, Mississippi.

The weatherman tried to press on, but this guy was not to be deterred. After dancing around, he aimed a barrage of farts at the unsuspecting meteorologist. He was eventually dragged off, but not before he gave a forecast of his own.

He started by asking the weatherman, Patrick Ellis, “Are you sure?! Are you crazy sure?!” and things only got bumpier from there.

He went into a chicken dance, before aiming some toots right at the weatherman, who graciously offered the boy a chance to give his own forecast. Rookie mistake.

“There are farts everywhere. And toots!!”

Naturally, we had a lot of feelings about it

He could have mooned the camera and let it rip, but instead, he aimed his fart directly at the weatherman. Did the weatherman do something to him? Has he been holding a grudge? Is this where it ends? - Molly Podlesny

This kid is intelligent. He knows the viewer cannot smell his gas, so he lets not only the weatherman know, but the viewers of the broadcast know that he has let it rip inside that likely cold studio. - Harry Lyles Jr.

Where are his parents? - Harry Lyles Jr.

First of all, I noticed how this kid came on with a very distinct plan in mind with what he had to say. He wasn’t messing around. He started immediately informing the public of the fart-infested weather forecast ahead, no hesitations. - Morgan Moriarty

I understand the farting and the toots but why did he turn into a bird mid segment. - Whitney Medworth

The guy who scooped the kid out of sight is a party pooper. I hope he got farted on. - Harry Lyles Jr.

He was on air for a full 24 seconds before being whisked away by some dude in a button down. 24 seconds! This is an accomplishment, folks. -Morgan Moriarty

He’s going to be the coolest kid at school for this. - Harry Lyles Jr.

From now on anytime anyone asks me for advice or anything really, I’m going to scream back at them, "ARE YOU SURE, ARE YOU CRAZY SURE?" - Whitney Medworth

Nah but for real, where are his parents? - Harry Lyles Jr.

Clearly this weatherman has no interest or ability to improvise here. Like seriously, he could have handled this a whole lot better. He basically dealt with it by awkwardly laughing for about five seconds before saying, “Well [long, awkward pause] we’ve got some interesting things going on here right now.” Like, that’s the best you can do, weather man? - Morgan Moriarty

What if — and hear me out here — the weatherman turned around and farted back? - Molly Podlesny

This weatherman could have gone viral for hanging out with an adorable kid if he just stopped everything. But he saw the kid and continued to do his job like the little guy wasn’t there. Everyone knows that when a kid wants to play, you drop everything. Instead, this poor guy got farted on. - Hector Diaz

The kid gave the weatherman a forecast on where his farts were going. He’s like a high school LeBron James of weathermen. - Harry Lyles Jr.

We couldn’t hear the farts, so it’s safe to say he’s a “silent but deadly” type. - Anonymous

This kid is going to grow up to be Gene from Bob’s Burgers. “Listen weatherman, I get my weather updates from phones now. I don’t need you.” [farts] - Hector Diaz

Has anyone actually checked the weather in Mississippi? That radar looks pretty brown to me. We should probably make sure the kid’s forecast wasn’t correct. - Molly Podlesny