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Vince Young is signing with Saskatchewan Roughriders to attempt comeback in CFL

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Vince Young is making a return to football. He’s just heading a little further north.

According to Young’s agent the former Titans quarterback is traveling to Regina today in order to sign with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. Young hasn’t played in the NFL since 2011 with the Eagles, before being signed by the Bills, Packers, and Browns without playing a down.

Moving to Canada is going to be one heck of an adjustment for Young. He played the majority of his football in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tenn. The combined average high temperature of the two cities: 74.7. Meanwhile, let’s check in on Regina.

The Roughriders are searching for a new starting quarterback after trading longtime starter Darian Durant to the Montreal Alouettes during the CFL draft. Questions have been swirling over who can fill Durant’s shoes and at this point Vince Young would be as good as anyone.

Former head coach Mack Brown offered words of encouragement.

This could be an interesting development to watch.