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The 14 most agonized fan faces after Russell Westbrook broke Denver's heart

A good sports photo is the equivalent of modern art, and when Russell Westbrook broke an arena full of hearts in Denver, we got one of the best photos ever.

It was a historic night for Russ. Not only did he break Oscar Robertson’s triple-double record, but he drove a dagger right into the hearts of Nuggets fans when he won the game on an unreal three from 35 feet out. Oh, and he also won Game-Winner of the Year at the NBA Awards Show.

The shot ensured the Nuggets were knocked out of the playoffs. It was remembered in New York at the end of the year.

Now we need to appreciate the people in the photo of Russ celebrating, and work out what they were thinking.


“I can’t even.”

“It’s the pain of a thousand suns!”

“Oh, so this is a basketball game.”

“I’m trying to put an ancient curse on you.”

“My multi-colored hat didn’t protect me from pain.”

“Dude, what the ...”

“I’m holding my breath until the Nuggets win again.”

“I am one shocked grandpa.”

“Happy Jake, the Thunder boy wins again!”


“Did the Nuggets win?”

“No amount of beer pong will make me feel better.”

“First Duck Dynasty ends, now this.”

“Am I a souvenir basketball or an orange? Who brings an orange to an NBA game? I’m probably a little basketball. I have no opinion on the outcome of games because I am not sentient.”

Sorry, Nuggets fans, but even you have to appreciate this photo.